Corporación Navíos | Aguada Park - Zona Franca en Montevideo, Uruguay

Corporación Navíos S.A. (CNSA) has been operating the port terminal located in Nueva Palmira, Uruguay, at the convergence of Paraná and Uruguay Rivers since 1956.

This terminal receives bulk cargo from Bolivia, Paraguay or Brazil by river transport or directly by land from Uruguay, and offers storage facilities and transfer of cargo to overseas vessels.

Recent investments in storage capacity and transfer equipment have positioned CNSA as one of the most prominent port terminals in the country and the region.

CNSA is the largest bulk terminal in the Paraguay-Parana waterway (Hidrovía), which avoids port congestion and logistical delays that affect overseas vessels navigating upstream, resulting in significant advantages and cost savings.

CNSA is a subsidiary of Navíos South American Logistics Inc., one of the main logistic companies in the Hidrovía region of South-America, serving the storage and transportation needs of its customers through port terminals, river barges and coastal cabotage operations.